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The time when a person dies is when he stop acting like a Muslim and start acting like a Kafir.

In his life, he went through so many death that he have lost count in numbers......the numbers of death exceeds in the billions ..if not.maybe in the trillions or more.....

What are these "deaths" mean?

These so call deaths are not physical death...but the death of your name as a Muslim and your actions that will be against you in the day of Qiyamaat.

When sin is committed by a person knowingly and that person fully understand everything and has the strength to stop himself and choose not to....he dies a little

He lets his arch enemy win and let him go in the wrong path of life.

Who is this him? HIM IS THE DEVIL

Every time when a person stars acting like a kafir and not like a Muslim and commits sins every second in front the whole world.....the world says "INNA LILLAHI WA INNA ILAIHI RAJEOON"

Even when i commit a sin and i feel myself die just abit...i say this to myself..."INNA LILLAHI WA INNA ILAIHI RAJEOON"

When angels are around you and see you acting like a kafir...they say "INNA LILLAHI WA INNA ILAIHI RAJEOON"

Even a small simple ant and see you acting like a kafir and not a Muslim..the ant says " INNA LILLAHI WA INNA ILAIHI RAJEOON"

Why do we kill ourself little by little the end....those things in life that we know will do harm in the End ...why do we choose them knowing when the ALMIGHTY ask us question of our action....we know we wont have good answers......

I see myself in a casket and my name is almost craved on it.....the name i hold so dear to my heart...the name I love calling myself..."MUSLIM"

The only way to save myself is to Repent and Ask the ALMIGHTY's forgiveness and ask the ALMIGHTY 's protection and help.

We also experience Rebirths in life...these rebirths are when we are given second chance and try to better in life

In my life I have seen myself being reborn as a Muslim and seeing happiness and peacefulness.......


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Khawlah Bint Al-Azwar

Khawlah was the daughter of one of the chiefs of Bani Asad tribe, and her family embraced Islam in its early days. Her father's name is either Malik or Tariq Bin Aws. Al-Azwar was his nickname. Her brother, Dirar, was the knight and poet of his tribe, and was well known for his wisdom. His love for his sister and confidence in her capabilities were legendary. In fact, the brother and sister were so attached to each other that she was his companion wherever he went. He trained her on all arts of swordsmanship and she became also a perfect knight. Besides that, Khawlah mastered the noble art of poetry. She was a brunette, tall, slim and of great beauty.
Her name remained greatly unknown, until the battle of Ajnadin, not far from Jerusalem, where Drear lost his spear, fell from his horse, and was taken prisoner. She donned a male knight's attire, took her arms and rode her mare through the Roman ranks, using her sword skillfully against whoever tried to stop her. The Muslim soldiers, and their leader Khalid, watched her with great admiration, presuming that she was a man.
The Arab Historian, Al Waqidi, narrates in his book "The conquering of Al Sham (Greater Syria)"
"In a battle that took place in Bayt Lahyah near Ajnadin, Khalid watched a knight, in black attire, with a large green shawl wrapped around his waist and covering his chest. That knight broke through the Roman ranks as an arrow. Wondering about the identity of the unknown Knight Khalid and the others followed him and joined battle,
Rafe' Bin Umayrah Al-Ta'if was one of the fighters. He described how that knight scattered the enemy ranks, disappearing in their midst, to reappear after a while with blood dripping from his spear. He swerved again and repeated the deed fearlessly, several times. All the Moslem army was worried about him and praying for his safety. Rafe' and others thought that he was Khalid, who won great fame for his bravery and genius military plans. But suddenly Khalid appeared with a number of knights. Rafe' asked the leader:
"Who is that knight? By God, he has no regard for his safety!"
Khalid answered that he didn't know the man, though he greatly admired his courage. They were fascinated as they watched the knight appear with a number of Roman knights chasing him. Then he would turn around and kill the nearest before resuming his attacks.
The Romans eventually lost the battle and fled, leaving many dead and wounded in the battlefield. Khalid looked for the knight till he found him. By then he was covered in blood. He praised his bravery and asked him to remove his veil. But the knight did not answer, and tried to break away. The soldiers wouldn't let him do that. And everyone asked him to reveal his identity.
When the knight found that there was no way to avoid that, he replied in a feminine voice:
"My prince, I did not answer because I am shy. You are a great leader, and I am only a woman whose heart is burning."
"Who are you?" Khalid insisted.
"I am Khawlah Bint Al-Azwar. I was with the women accompanying the army, and when I learnt that the enemy captured my brother, which lead me to do what I had to do."
Khalid ordered his army to chase the fleeing Roman Army, with Khawlah leading the attack, looking in all directions for her brother, but in vain. By noontime, the victory was decisive. Most of the Roman soldiers were killed.
Knowing that the prisoners had to be somewhere, Khalid sent Khawlah with a number of knights to find them. After a hot chase, they managed to catch up with a Roman detachment that was taking the prisoners to their headquarters. Another fight took place, the Roman guards were all killed and the prisoners saved.
In another battle in Ajnadin, Khawlah's spear broke, and her mare was killed, and she found herself a prisoner. But she was astonished to find that the Romans attacked the women camp and captured several of them. Their leader gave the prisoners to his commanders, and order Khawlah to be moved into his tent. She was furious, and decided that to die is more honorable than living in disgrace. She stood among the other women, and called them to fight for their freedom and honour or die. The others were enthusiastic to her plan. They took the tents' poles and pegs and attacked the Roman guards, keeping a formation of a tight circle, as she had instructed them.
Khawlah led the attack, killed the first guard with her pole, with the other women following her. According to Al Waqidi, they managed to kill 30 Roman knights, while Khawlah was encouraging them with her verses, which in fact caused the enemy's blood to boil.
The Roman Leader was infuriated by what happened, and led a detachment of his knights against the women, though he tried first to tempt them with many promises. He told Khawlah that he planned to marry her and make her the first lady of Damascus. But she answered him calmly and with great contempt:
"I wouldn't even accept you to be the shepherd of my camels! How do you expect me to degrade myself and live with you? I swear that I'll be the one to cut off your head for your insolence."
In the ensuing battle, the ladies proved their mettle, keeping their grounds for some time, encouraging each other and driving off the attackers with their long poles. Suddenly, Khalid and the army reached the battlefield. In the ensuing fight, over 3000 Romans were killed. The women who took part in the fighting were proud to say that Khawlah killed five knights, including the leader that insulted her.
In another battle, the Muslims were overwhelmed by a much bigger Roman army. Many soldiers fled away, but not for long. Khawlah and the other women met the fleeing soldiers, questioning their claims of bravery and forced them to return to the battle. The men were stunned when they saw Khawlah drawing her sword and leading a counter-attack. They turned their horses and joined the battle, which was eventually won.
One of the knights present that day said:
"Our women were much harsher with us than the Romans. We felt that going back to fight and die was much easier than facing the fury of our women later on".
Khawlah became a legend during her life and remains a legend till this day. She set an example to men and women alike that one should fight for what he or she believes in, and never accept defeat.
Source: "Great Women of Islam" - by Dar-us-Salam Publications

Why I choose Islam ?

I was raised in a house where we prayed every night and morning. We were not taught set prayers but to pray from the heart. We went to church every Sunday and were active participants in the activities held there.....
By the time I was in my late teens I was a missionary.

I always felt close to ‘God' and prayer was a way of life for me. Deep in my mind, for I could never voice any doubts, I had some misgivings; some things that didn't make sense to me but as a missionary I felt I was calling to God, not to that particular church. I knew God, to be the Infinitely Powerful Being Who had created all there is. I could recognize a harmony and structure in all the nature around me, yet I found an absence of order wherever I looked around people. I learned to love Jesus as a messenger of God but it seemed strange to me, that God would require a sacrifice in order to forgive us. I believed that God was above having any need. I felt I could communicate with God as I was, without the necessity of an intermediary because, again, God didn't need any help to hear what I said.

One day I moved into a flat and met my neighbors who were Muslims. I thought I would try out some missionary work on them. They listened to me patiently and then I too, listened to them . They didn't try to explain any complicated issues, they just read to me from the Qu'ran. First they read in Arabic, then in English. It was Sura (Chapter) Maryam. I listened in silence. The beautiful sound of the Arabic recitation touched my heart and then the plain and direct language of the English translation struck a chord within. The beautiful story of Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) and his miracle birth to the virgin Mary was a marvel of simplicity. God, or as I learned to call Him, Allah s.w.t. had provided mankind with Prophets and Messengers since the beginning of time. From Prophet Adam (peace be upon him), Prophet Abraham, Prophet Moses, Prophet Jesus and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them all) and many others. They were all sent with God's message to disdain all worship except, worship of the One True God and to submit to His Will. Such is the meaning of Islam. A Muslim is one who bows to the will of Allah s.w.t. refusing the worship of anyone or anything else and seeking to establish piety on earth.
Author : Velma Cook


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